26 February 2010

silence on the blogging front

I've hit a writing dry spell. It's not like there isn't anything going on (although that is somewhat true). It's more like there's a lot of planning for things that will be going on in the near future. "Choose for Me" has cut a lot of drama out of my life, and when there is no drama there is no commentary. I swear I used to write before there was drama - but then now that I think about it, there has been drama of some kind for a very, very long time. Perhaps that is why I am really loving 2010. I obviously should have Chosen for Me long ago.

In addition, I'm personally in a really good place. I'm content, bills are paid, cars are working (knock on wood) and family is well. Izzy is feisty, yet lovable; mine and Chris' relationship is solid and I haven't been struggling with the inner imbalance that I seemed to suffer from for so long. The stars seem to be aligned very well in my favor these days.

And when that's the case, what does one write about? Life is pretty boring to be honest (though I'm absolutely reveling in "boring"). I've never been one to wax on about the good things. It's the disputes I'm fond of exploring. The dissection of dysfunction. Yet I couldn't let a cereal suggestion sit as my last blog entry for long - that's just boring. But I'm obviously in need of a 30 Days of Write month, because otherwise I'm just drawing blanks...